WOYWW 667 - Lots of Easter Crafting

It is still just about morning here in Pembrokeshire - and damp/breezy again. We had a lovely sunny and calm day yesterday, and more forecast for the rest of the week (I even got my washing line out!), so not too disappointed to see a grey sky again.

Sadly I had to miss my usual Tuesday morning Papercraft group and also the monthly craft group at the chapel in the evening, as I caught the stomach bug that is going around at the moment. Only really affected me yesterday. I got halfway to the morning craft group and had to stop at our local M&S for emergency toilet stop! The pharmacist in Boots recommended going home and doing a COVID test (as stomach issues can be a symptom). I did and it was negative. I had sore cramps yesterday and couldn't eat much, but seem almost better this morning.

I was sad to miss the craft groups. They made a box in the morning group, and going to make cards to go in it next week (I am hoping to catch up). The evening group was starting the crochet project, which I had practised for (and made my first swatch). It is only a monthly group, so doubly-annoying that I couldn't be there.

My Craft Journal has been sent to Amazon for publication. I will add a link on here when it goes live. Going to get myself a copy and get my craft room inventory listed in there. I always forget which Distress colours I already have. Just had the email to say the latest Distress inkpads are on their way after a delay in Customs (they thought it was food due to the name - Saltwater Taffy!).

The full day workshop on Saturday was a great success. I think there were at least 18 of us there - from Pembrokeshire, Llanelli and Carmarthen. I had to leave at 3.30 pm, as we had stock to move to another field (which involved roads), and the weather was horrendous by then. I did make 4 of the 5 projects there, and brought home the kit for the 5th one and made it up on Sunday (the notepad holder).

Here they all are.

My crafty table is clear at the moment, as it usually is during the week (only really get to do papercraft on Sundays). I have sneaked in some more crochet tutorials (purchased a book and associated video lessons from a lady called Sigoni Macaroni - fantastic name! Her style of teaching suits me perfectly and it really enabled me to understand what to do. I have created a swatch using the single stitch - double stitch in the UK - and going to start on the next stitch later) and definitely 'hooked' now.

I did make a start on the Bargello kit from Aldi - but the brief instructions weren't enough for me to totally understand where to go in and out on the canvas grid. I have found some videos online, so going to watch them and make sure I am doing it all correctly before continuing. More pictures next week!

Ali x

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