WOYWW 666 - Tile Stamping & Aldi Buys

Good morning from another windy day in Pembrokeshire. The Farmhouse is very noisy when it is windy - through some of the older windows and both big chimneys. It can be difficult to close internal doors when there is a really good 'gale' blowing through. I have always been nervous of wind, and since our last flight landing at Alicante Airport in a storm (the last flight to land there for 2 days - we had to approach from over the sea, as too dangerous over the mountains, and it was worse than any rollercoaster ride!), my Anxiety does increase when we have this constant noise around us. Dreaming of a modern bungalow with no chimneys and better fitting windows.

I have mostly been attempting to learn how to crochet for the past week (and ordering the few supplies I needed). I can do a simple chain now (working on keeping my tension loose). I have been taking a class on Skillshare.

Modern Crochet: Essential Skills for Getting Started (with Toni Lipsey) (If you click on this link, you can get a 1 month free trial with Skillshare)

On my crafty table are a few purchases and projects waiting to be completed. I have also proudly displayed the photo of Bonnie - a donkey at the Donkey Sanctuary in Devon that my mum bought an adoption package for me for my birthday. I chose her, as she sounds a lot like my Doris (RIP) - tall and very cheeky.

I went to Aldi yesterday (I go every 3 months - more often and I just buy too much!) and bought a daylight/magnifying lamp for our granddaughter, so she doesn't use my more expensive one. It will be useful to take downstairs and use for jigsaws or reading. I also got some jigsaws/books/other bits for the grandkids for future birthday/Christmas presents. I won't need to buy anything else this year, apart from one 'bigger' present each closer to the time. I saw the Bargello Kit and was attracted to the colours used in the project. Never heard of 'bargello', but it is basically long stitch on a canvas. I will start it this week.

I bought the lovely colouring and activity book from Amazon. A lady I follow on YouTube is the designer of the whole range of books, and I couldn't resist getting one for my granddaughter (and for me to join in too).

The printed out cute images are for a card for a friend, who is in hospital at the moment after surgery. They were free digi images with a Crafters Companion magazine.

The tag is for a challenge at the craft shop in Milford - for us to decorate anyway we want, by the end of the month. We have a full day workshop on Saturday - with a few different groups joining in. I think there are going to be 20 of us there (another table and more chairs are going to be needed, and we have been instructed not to bring our big craft bags on wheels with us!). At our usual Tuesday morning group yesterday, we made cards using the 'stamping on tiles' method. I hadn't done this before, but will definitely be getting some tiles to use at home. These are the 2 cards I made.

The craft shop - and some how everyone else is not in camera shot! I think they were raiding the stock for essentials, like some new biodegradable glitter to try (I bought some copper - it would have been rude not to), black construction tape (for the box we are going to be making next week) and lots of other goodies.

I am hoping to get my next book published this week - a book to record all your different papercraft/other craft stash. A few friends are struggling with remembering which dies/stamps/ink pads etc they have, so this book will help them (and most other crafters I know!).

Ali x

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