WOYWW 660 - A Facebook Bargain

Good morning. I am awake, but definitely not very bright. Menopause seems to be making my fatigue even worse and I often want more sleep. My Menopause Specialist increased my HRT last week (as I had started having hot flushes at night again), so I blame it all on the hormones! The longer days are making me happier though, and I have started walking regularly again now that my foot pain is under control. Losing a bit of weight each week, which is brilliant.

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My crafty table has been used for some crafting, but not much. I am spending several hours per day getting my Diamond Painting log books and note books designed and published with Amazon. Several are in their approval process, and I have lots more in my head waiting to become reality.

I made a couple of birthday cards on Sunday (being my Future Friend, I now have a card ready for a birthday in April too). I used a Sizzix stamp/die set that I bought in a sale last year. A simple design, which I like. (Apologies for the terrible light in my craft room at this time of day in January.)

Here is a long view of my crafty table. All very tidy and organised, just like the rest of my craft room now. I just need to get the contents of the 2 old wardrobes decluttered and get a smaller cupboard, and then the room will be finished. There will be plenty of room to get my 3rd 6ft folding table up, so that my eldest granddaughter can craft with me (she is 8 today - where does the time go?).

You can see my Facebook bargain - a Silhouette Mint machine, which makes stamps. Wanted one for years, and very nearly bought one brand new, as they are generally around £60 now. However, then I saw one being sold on Facebook - £20 including postage. Hardly used. I have ordered a few different sizes of the stamp kits that you need for it from Amazon, and one arrived yesterday. Now I need some time to play with it.

No decisions made about the farm yet. We have both agreed that we really don't want to be taking on a lot of debt at our time of life, but also agree that the purchase of the land would prevent future problems and enable the business to grow. However, having a smaller herd and using our land in different ways could enable hubby to step away sooner, and our dream of owning property in Spain to be realised sooner rather than later. Stay tuned !

Time for breakfast now and then another book cover to be designed. If anyone loves Diamond Painting or wants to buy a gift for someone who does, I wrote a blog post with lots of useful links. Read it here.

Thanks for reading.

Ali x

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