WOYWW 659 - New Stash & Napkin Craft

It is now afternoon in 'sometimes sunny' Pembrokeshire. I had an early morning appointment with my Menopause Specialist, which was in a health centre about 50 minutes drive away, followed by some shopping, dropping off donations at a charity and visiting the craft shop in Milford Haven (she is having a sale). Got home, had some lunch, watched a YouTube video on decluttering (an almost daily occurence now!), a bit of housework and now sitting down at my pc .... and breath.

I have stuff to show off this week, so decided that I should make the effort to type my WOYWW post (What is On Your Workdesk Wednesday). Click HERE if you would like to join in.

Firstly, I went to our monthly Craft Group at a local chapel last night. We did some napkin crafting - onto jars, wine bottles and plant pots. I used a really lovely napkin with leaves on it, and decorated a large jar to use in my craft room to put pens/brushes etc in. I want to make some coasters now - using some photos and napkins. Putting that on my list of projects to do this year.

I bought a nice bag of goodies from the Craft Shop in Milford Haven today, as she was having a sale. By the way, the group that run the posh Celtic Manor Hotel in South Wales are building a hotel on the Milford Haven Marina - perhaps we can get a group together one day, and do some crafting at the shop (I can get both of our fab crafting experts to do a project each). The railway station is very close by, and the marina has lots of lovely cafes etc. A thought I had !!

This is what I bought - a real mix of bargains.

I also received my order from Mike Deakin (him of YouTube fame) - and I will be advertising my crafty books on his website once they are finished (still researching the Diamond Painting Logbook and getting Top Tips etc written for it). He recently released a new art journal kit and is now doing videos on how to decorate it. I have made my own journals before, but only with paper/card, so this will be a nice new project for me.

Thank you for all the lovely comments and messages from last week. I am still struggling with cold symptoms and occasional headaches, and just so tired, but the brighter days do help. I am exercising more (daily walking, even if on my treadmill, and got a second hand JoyRide machine, which is not much like horseriding, but it is good exercise and I can watch YouTube whilst on it!) and lost a bit of the weight that is needed to go. My Menopause Specialist suggesting increasing my dosage of HRT now that it has been proven to be helping me - I started getting some hot flushes at night recently. With the farm, no big decisions made yet - there are a lot of changes happening anyway and we had our first calves born this week (so the crazy season starts for the next 2 months). By February we will have to decide on the land purchase or not. Farming is definitely not the easy lifestyle that many dream of. At least crafting is a good distraction.

Ali x

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