WOYWW 658 - a surprise from Tonic

Good morning from an unusual sight for us - a frosty morning. I grew up in the Cotswolds and then moved to the West Midlands for many years, and frost was an almost daily occurence then. However, in mild Pembrokeshire we get very little of the pretty white stuff. I took this photo quickly before the sun gets stronger and it all returns to green/brown.

On my crafty table today I have a surprise kit from Tonic. I tried out one of their subscription boxes at the end of last year, but the actual subscription was not meant to continue. Well, I suddenly saw £30 taken from my bank account last week, so I contacted them and eventually it was confirmed that everything was cancelled. They said to refuse the delivery of the latest box, which was already on its way, and then they would refund. Well, the postman delivered whilst I was out. I took one look at the box contents and decided to keep it! Very pretty colours. The little sparkles are actually tiny flower shapes.

I haven't done any crafting at all, as my usual creative day, Sunday, was taken up with packing up parcels of sold stash. I do have a very few stamps left, but they will be going to the craft shop in Milford Haven this week to be sold for charity. If you would like anything, then email me today. I sent off 12 parcels in total, and I love that people have been able to get stamps that they have been wanting for ages.

I am busy at the moment with farm business stuff (do we spend a lot of money on buying some land that we currently rent part of, or do we reduce the size of the herd and make everything simpler? I would just like to sell it all and go and live in a small bungalow, but obviously hubby is thinking about our staff and also keeping himself occupied (I can be happy anywhere as long as I have internet).

I am also seriously learning more about decluttering/organisation etc, and joined the Take Your House Back course. We are doing a live All Day Declutter on Saturday, which will be fun. I am tackling our laundry room at the moment. A weekly trip to the tip and charity shops is very satisfying. It is so much easier to clean and manage our home with less in it (and frees up my mind for other stuff) - and when we do eventually downsize our home, it will be less stressful to organise.

Other stuff is continuing with learning all about publishing 'low content books' on Amazon. My next production is a Diamond Painting Log Book, and that will hopefully be published by the end of the month. I have other crafty books in my head, plus designs for the Print On Demand websites (someone asked me for a scrapbooking bag design, so that made me start to think and plan).

We have been up to Warrington to visit family. Had a lovely few hours at the National Trust Speke Hall. The house was closed for cleaning (I could have helped!), but we enjoyed the maze/playground/woodland walks. A very cold day and eventually I had to say that I needed our warm car. I don't know whether it was the sickness bug/cold that has been floating around, being very tired from travelling, running around too much in the maze with the grandchildren and then being cold for a while, but about 2 hours into our return journey, I was suddenly taken ill. Migraine (which is unusual for me now), nausea, upset stomach, very cold and shivering. We had an emergency stop at a very remote Welsh petrol station (in our electric car!) to use their toilet and buy me more ginger biscuits, and then hubby had to drive very steadily the rest of the way (about another 3-4 hours) over the mountains. I went straight to bed in my clothes (literally could not stop shivering) and took 24 hours to recover. Since then a few friends have reported having similar symptoms, so I am hoping it was just a bug. I don't want to have to restrict my travelling.

Breakfast time now (when I watch some YouTube - the only time of day that I have free). Hope everyone is well.

Ali x

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