WOYWW 654 - New Stash

Good morning. I am definitely looking forward to next week and it being the shortest day of the year. These dark mornings really depress me. Strangely, the dark evenings are ok (especially when we are out shopping and all the festive lights are on). I do get even more tired in the evenings though and would quite happily go to bed at 9 pm. Being on HRT again has definitely improved my sleep pattern.

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No crafting again this week, but I have bought new stash. Firstly I am an admin for a craft selling group on Facebook, so get to see everything before it is published! A lady is decluttering her craft room and put up a listing for a whole box of stamps - mostly Crafters Companion and Sheena Douglass. There were several there that I have admired for years, so grabbed that bargain. Lots that I am going to keep, but others I will sell in January. There are 49 sets in total, and most are unused.

I have also offered to craft for a local dog rescue charity (Hope Rescue), so whilst in town yesterday I went into our fabulous craft shop and grabbed some dog/cat-related stash. I will be able to create lots of cards, notecards and notebooks from this.

Christmas preparation - all on track. I put the tree and decorations up tomorrow (already got everything out from its storage corner and decluttered some to the charity shop!), a couple of gifts to wrap today (and one to send out in the post) and a few extra cards to post too. I started gathering Christmas food/drink back in November, and yesterday got the first couple of fresh items for our Boxing Day gathering (cheese and pate from Aldi). I am keeping it really simple, to make my life easier and reduce the risk of getting really ill from a Fibromyalgia flare (I will get a flare of symptoms at least twice, especially with the travel before and after the big day - but I want to minimise that).

Hope everyone is well and happy. Not had our boosters yet. It is more than 26 weeks since our 2nd vaccine, so here in Wales there is a section on the Health website to notify them of this. I did that for both of us on Monday evening, so hoping that we get appointments soon. We really want to be boosted before travelling to Oxfordshire next week to collect my mum. We also have lots to do before then, and I may well have a negative reaction to the jab. Our local centre had to stop offering walk-ins on Monday evening, as the queues were too long to cope with. I am doing lateral flow tests at least twice per week and always negative, which makes me more confident to continue going out to the shops and other group situations. We were in Somerset at the weekend for a much needed night away (car event on Sunday - mostly outside). Here are some cars - for anyone who is a 'petrol head' like us!

I also hung up the wreath that I made in a workshop last month. I had been keeping it out in my stable (where it is cool and dry) and misting it regularly. However, some mice ate the orange slices that were on it! So I remembered that I had some command strips in a cupboard, which made hanging it in our porch a possibility (originally I thought I would have to use it as a table centrepiece and put LED candles in the middle). There are lights on it, which I turn on in the evening.

Here is the damage from Storms Arwen and Barra. I hope we have some calmer weather for the rest of the winter.

One more thing. I had a lovely unexpected gift from a lady who has been coming to the beginner papercrafting classes which I had been helping a friend with. She is a tatting expert and these handkerchiefs are truly beautiful. Another craft I will be trying next year.

I may well not be blogging next week, so Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Ali xx

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