WOYWW 652 - Christmas has taken over

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Good morning to my fellow Wednesday Deskers. I have missed a couple of weeks for all sorts of reasons, but crafting has been occurring. Some at craft workshops and some at home - but mostly for Christmas (I think I made one birthday card and one 'thinking of you' card). I ran out of enthusiasm very early (did it ever really arrive?), so not sending out many cards this year.

Why so little enthusiasm? Well, it could partly be due to my health - pain and fatigue, and general energy levels, are worsened most days. That may be due to Menopause (and I am back on HRT), it could be the weather (and I hate the short days), and we have also had lots of stress with the farm business/rental properties etc. Usually I escape to my craft room for some distraction, but it is currently full of presents - some wrapped and others not. I struggle to feel creative when my space isn't clear and organised. Another note to self - next year all adults will have a gift card!

Here is my crafty table. The black/white printouts are for a gift card holder and matching bag. I bought the design from Etsy a few days ago, and downloaded/printed out yesterday. My printer is not behaving and will only let me print from the main tray = not ideal for the thicker card needed for this project. It did take the card through, but took ages. I had a look online for which printers are recommended for papercraft etc. A particular Canon was No.1 on several review sites, so went to order it. Out of stock everywhere, but placed an order with Amazon and hopefully it will be available soon. A present to myself for 2022.

The Farmhouse Christmas notebook is one of my own design and I am using it as my Christmas Planner. Has been very useful to have all my lists in one place. The dog Christmas cards are a lovely design created to raise funds for the Bals Shelter Dogs (a charity that takes dogs from one of the 'kill shelters' in Romania, fosters them and finds them forever homes). Chocolate lollies from Lidl - no particular reason! Another purchase from Lidl - the heart-shaped photo baubles. Going to print out photos of pets no longer with us. Under that is a small pile of some of my notebook designs. I particularly like the colours in the 'Coffee Gonk' one. Oh, you can see my Crafters Companion guillotine too.

Today, I will be packing up the presents that have to go by courier to family who we will not be seeing over the festive period, and also getting the cards ready to post tomorrow. That will make my craft room a lot clearer - and my mind too.

Better get a move on now and get dressed/have my breakfast. Electricians due at 8.30 am to finish off some work at our rental cottage and then replace the bathroom extractor fans here (they are over 8 years old now and most are noisy/working slow). We have painters finishing off the kitchen today over at our rental house, and also hoping to hear from the builders about some of the jobs needing doing at all the houses. Covid is hitting every business in our area at the moment. We made the decision not to go to any group events for the time being, so no more craft workshops for me until after Christmas and hubby not going to any farm business events. We haven't had our boosters yet.

Back later to tour around blogs.

Hope everyone is well.

Ali x

ps If you would like to join in and show off your crafty workspace, click HERE.

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