WOYWW 648 - so much to show you

Good morning from a very dark (and now started to rain) Pembrokeshire. I hate these dark mornings. I don't like to wish my life away, but a big part of me wants it to be spring already. I didn't blog last week, as my mum was staying and then we took her back to Oxfordshire (plus had an overnight stay in Milton Keynes with some shopping and a lovely Cuban meal).

We share our crafty workspaces each Wednesday for What is On Your Workdesk Wednesday - and these blog posts are listed HERE.

There has been a fair amount of crafting in the last fortnight - and it has all been for Christmas.

I am going to a papercraft group every Tuesday now (and returning back to the scrapbooking/mixed media group on Fridays, if I have the time and energy - life is busier generally now). Here is what we have made in the past 3 weeks.

The bauble is a Sweet Poppy stencil and we used Distress Inks (by the way, who loves the new Distress colour? I have started collecting them again and buy at least one colour set each month).

This was Cardio stamping. A great way to use any of your tiny stamps. Again, it is using Distress Inks.

This is a very clever pop-up card. Going to attempt making one by myself this week!

In other news, I have started with the Wool& 100 Day Dress Challenge. We wear the same dress every day for 100 days (for at least 8 hours per day, so there is the flexibility to wear something different - for instance, I changed into jumper/jogging pants yesterday afternoon, as I had a garage to sweep out). The dresses are mostly merino, really comfy and keep you warm/cool. I am on Day 8 today and haven't had to wash it yet (just a spot clean on Day 5 to remove a small mark). If anyone is interested, I am posting pictures of my outfits most days in this Instagram account - @homewithchronicpain. I have had a capsule wardrobe for over 3 years now and this was just another experiment to try.

It is getting light now and is revealing a really horrible wet morning, so I will be mostly doing housework/laundry and more notebook designing for Amazon (slowly getting some sales).

Ali x

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