WOYWW 645 - Notebooks are taking over!

Good morning from a damp Pembrokeshire. We have hit the ground running this morning, with hubby already in a meeting before 9 am. I have been catching up on Instagram/YouTube, having breakfast, feeding the cat, getting some housework done ... I treated myself to a RoboVac this week, and now getting into the routine of starting that off in the kitchen every morning. I empty out the 'dust drawer' afterwards and clean the filter, and then it sits on its charging station until the next day (or if an emergency clean is needed later). It can also mop, so will try that out later or tomorrow. Definitely recommend one. I often ran out of energy (or was in too much pain) to get hoovering done every day, which is what our house needs.

Now back to what WOYWW is all about (What is On Your Workdesk Wednesday). My crafty table has been taken over by sample notebooks! My first guinea pig design (in soft cover and hardback), my first Christmas notebook (with a dotted grid interior on cream paper - going to get a more detailed interior done by next week) and also spiral notebooks from Redbubble. Very satisfying to see 'my' books with bar codes on !

There is also a scrapbooking book from 2005, which is just brilliant. I bought this via the Vinted app. If you are not aware of Vinted, it is basically like Ebay. Originally just for clothes etc, but I discovered that all sorts of things are sold on there, including crafty stash. I have been selling clothes on there, and also bought coats for the grandchildren, jigsaws etc. The Mini Tote I got with my big rolling tote from DoCrafts can be more clearly seen. I need to get that packed up with supplies for craft workshops. No idea when - my days are very full right now.

I have been to two craft workshops since last week. The first we did some stamping using tiny stamps and a stamping platform. A great use for those smaller stamps, and very versatile. I have got a few card toppers made. The shop view is what is next to me at my table. If you are in Haverfordwest at anytime, go to In2Craft in Bridge Street (you can also shop online and they usually beat the 'tv' prices).

The second was my usual Tuesday Papercraft Group at Milford Marina. We created this fantastic 'envelope-style' card (with box), with gorgeous leaves/flowers to decorate.

Next week we are making Christmas cards using a bauble stencil. Next Tuesday will be a very 'full' day - with the workshop in the morning, flu jab in the early evening and then our monthly Craft Group meeting at the chapel (if my arm is not too painful, as I have reacted to the flu jab in the past). Lots to show you next week! (Also got a heat embossing workshop for beginners on Friday.)

Keep warm if you are in the UK. Definitely cooler now.

Ali x

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