WOYWW 644 - The Kallax are Finished

Good morning from a very dark Pembrokeshire. I forget each year how quick the dark mornings hit us. I am up early though - hot flushes kept waking me all night. Got a telephone appointment with my menopause specialist soon, and might go back onto HRT.

On Sunday I was determined to finally get the Ikea Kallax finished off in my craft room. The inserts with the pegboard doors needed a drill to get the screws into the cubes, so I used a power drill for the first time in my life! I actually enjoyed it and ready for my next project. I just need to make the best use of the space above and to the left of this final 'layer'.

There are some things that will not fit in a 'cube' and I have some lovely stuff to display, so going to get some sort of cupboard/shelves to go against the other wall. Will take a look on the Ikea website later.

I haven't got any crafting to show off this week. I did go to a craft workshop last Friday, but it was for 2 beginners to learn more about stamping and I was 'magic hands'. I enjoy helping people and seeing them start on their 'crafty journeys'. We didn't have our Tuesday Papercraft group yesterday, as the craft shop had to close for the lady owner to take her dad to hospital for an operation. Going into Haverfordwest again on Friday afternoon for a stamping workshop (which is what we were preparing the beginners for, so they didn't feel too overwhelmed). I must get on with my homework for next Tuesday - colouring in some flowers and leaves. Haven't done any colouring for a while.

Most of my time in my craft room I have been sat at my pc designing notebooks for Amazon KDP, and now also Redbubble (where you can order a spiral notebook, stickers and other items). Got so many ideas in my head, I am going to sit down this morning and make a list. Christmas designs are going to come first, as people keep asking me whether they can buy a physical version of the digital Christmas Notebook I designed last year. I am also going to create a range of crafting notebooks/planners. If anyone wants a personalised design, get in touch. I also use Zazzle, which has a fantastic range of stationery products, including post-it notes and notepads. I give my family personalised post-it notes each year and the quality is amazing.

Here is my very first actual notebook. The soft matte cover is very 'strokable'. This one is not for sale! I will keep it to show off to everyone.

On my crafty table you can see the tile and pot we decorated in an alcohol ink workshop, my Guinea pigs from M&S, some of my granddaughter‘s art (which I am going to scan and use on some designs for her room), and some printed products (notecards and pet memorial cards) that I need to get listed on Etsy. I am showing off my crafty workspace as part of WOYWW (What is On Your Workdesk Wednesday). Click HERE to join in.

In other news, I tried a Ballet class last week. I did actually manage to do most of it, although all the counting and fast music was a challenge for my very rusty brain (it had been 42 years since I did any!). However, that evening and the next day I was in a lot of pain, especially with my right hip, and I decided that it wasn't worth pushing on with something that is meant to be enjoyable. I couldn't risk my hip flaring up again and needing to go back onto stronger pain relief. I am still doing the Autoimmune Strong online exercise routine, which is much slower and more gentle. I am planning to go swimming and see if I can cope with that. There is a nice warm salt water pool at a holiday park in Pembrokeshire (with the added bonus of a restaurant and beauty spa, so I can have some lunch or afternoon tea afterwards and tempted to get my nails done), so going to book a session this week.

Ali x

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