WOYWW 663 - Paint by Numbers, Envelope Memory Book & Silver Shells

Good morning from a damp and windy Pembrokeshire.

I had a busy crafty day yesterday. Firstly, our weekly Papercraft Group in Milford Marina. We nearly finished a very clever Envelope Memory Book. I just have the covers to finish, and then start to put some photos in it. This is created mainly from simple envelopes. Here are a few of the pages.

I then went out in the evening to the monthly Ladies Craft Group at a local chapel (in Bethlehem!). We did some 'Gold Leaf' crafting - decorating shells, for which I used silver sheets and a napkin. The knack to not getting the very delicate metallic sheets everywhere, is to regularly clean your fingers so you don't have glue on them. You also have to leave the glue for at least 20 minutes to get a tidy result. The other secret is not to sneeze/cough/or move suddenly anywhere near it! I struggled to get the sort of result that I like, but it was fun giving it a go. Next month we are starting on a crochet project, so wish me luck (I have never managed to master crochet).

I have started the Paint by Numbers kit. I didn't get far, as I started to watch some YouTube videos to see how to do it 'properly' (Melanie B's Creative Studio was particularly helpful). It seems that I need a white pen or some 'heavy body' white paint to cover the numbers on the canvas board, so I will go back and do that. I also learnt that I should check which is the darker colour where 2 or more areas border each other, and then use that colour to go over the lines. Otherwise, I really enjoyed my first start - and it is relaxing. Now I need to design myself a log book to record my PBN projects, and get it on Amazon.

In the coming week, I have a birthday card to make, I will finish off the Envelope Memory Book and do some more Paint by Numbers. Perhaps if I type it here, then I will get it all done?!

If anyone would like to join in with a tour around crafty blogs, then click HERE.

Hope everyone is well. I am very tired at the moment, particularly in the mornings. For the first time in many years I am actually reluctant to wake up and feeling almost drugged until lunchtime. My HRT has recently been increased, so I think it is my body having to adjust to another change in hormones.

Ali x

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