Simple Christmas Planning in a Notebook

Updated: Mar 9

Have you started planning for Christmas yet? Have you planned for Christmas before? I use a Digital Planner day to day (along with Google Calendar and KeepNotes), but I do love using notebooks for specific projects and scribbling down notes when I am at my desk - and having a book that I can carry everywhere with me, take downstairs to the kitchen etc, is super-useful over the festive period.

When I designed my Farmhouse Christmas Notebook to sell on Amazon, I knew that I would be using one to plan for Christmas 2021 (and future years). It just has simple dotted grid interior pages on cream paper. So much freedom to use it for whatever you want. However, perhaps that freedom is overwhelming for you. Are you scared to make the first marks?

Grab a piece of paper and make a list of what aspects of Christmas you need to plan. Will it just be a series of lists? Do you want to have monthly/weekly/daily pages? Do you want to journal your thoughts/goals?

Here are some suggestions for pages:

  • Countdown to Christmas

  • Activities

  • Christmas Lunch/Dinner

  • Favourite Movies

  • Favourite Books

  • Movies to watch

  • TV to watch

  • Favourite Christmas Carols

  • Favourite Christmas Music

  • Favourite Memories

  • Christmas Traditions

  • To Do List for Craft Projects

  • Things I loved about 2021

  • Christmas Decorations Log

  • Weekly Schedules

  • Monthly Pages for November and December

  • Daily Pages

  • Birthdays & Other Occasions

  • Party Planning

  • Stocking Filler Ideas

  • Secret Santa Ideas

  • Memory Pages

  • Christmas Gift List

  • Christmas Cards List

  • What I am looking forward to in 2022

  • Shopping List (Groceries)

  • Shopping List (Drinks)

  • Christmas Movies Bingo

  • My Wish List

  • Wish Lists from Family

  • Mood Tracker

  • Habit Trackers (sleep, water etc)

  • Meal Planning

  • Doodle-a-Day

  • Gratitude Log

  • Write It Down space (I don't like the term, Brain Dump)

  • Favourite Christmas Recipes

  • New Recipes that you want to try

There are so many different options to suit your own Christmas. You can always add in more pages as the days/weeks go by. You can also change how you plan for Christmas every year.

My top tip is - KEEP IT SIMPLE. If you have some time to decorate your pages with doodling/hand lettering/stickers etc, then great. However, don't put off starting your Christmas planning just because you don't have the perfect pretty notebook pages, all themed and looking just like Pinterest or Instagram. If you think you may want to go back and add decorating, then grab a pencil for now, put a title at the top of the page and get planning.

There is no need to have an expensive notebook or 'Bullet Journal'. I have four different Christmas designs in my Amazon store right now (1st November 2021), but there will be more added in the near future, so keep checking back. They cost £5 or less. How about buying more than one, as these make great gifts for those who love to organise their lives/are crazy about Christmas. Of course, two of the designs feature a guinea pig - you wouldn't expect anything less!

I also sell on Redbubble, so there you can purchase clothing, stickers, home items, stationery and more. More ideas for Christmas or other occasion gifts, stocking fillers etc.

Happy Christmas Planning !

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