Shopping for Diamond Painting Addicts

Updated: Mar 9

Diamond Painting can be a really simple and economical crafty hobby. Simply buy some inexpensive kits that include all the basic things you need, and just enjoy. However, as with most hobbies, you can also choose to buy additional tools, more expensive kits and other lovely random 'stuff'.

This blog post will help you to spend some money! Just remember to stay within your budget, always ask yourself whether you would buy a particular item again, make sure that you have a good purpose for it and don't already own something that can do the job just as well, and don't stockpile kits.

My Diamond Painting Logbooks (and matching notebooks), which are sold on Amazon, have a good list of useful websites (plus YouTube and Facebook for community, inspiration and more). I have them with a choice of covers, plus Hardback and a Deluxe Colour Edition will be available soon.

Click HERE to see my Author Page on Amazon.

Here are some products which I have personally used, plus some websites that sell really fab stuff. Lots of ideas for gifts if you have someone in your life who is already addicted to Diamond Painting or is just starting.

These are all affiliate links, so I will earn a small amount when you click through and purchase. You will never be charged any more for doing this, but it helps to support our household (and 10% goes to charity).

(Apologies now for the formatting of the Amazon links - they don't make it simple to get them into a tidy grid! I call it modern art!)

Craft Stash has a good range of kits and accessories

Diamond Dotz Ever Living Rainbow Kit

Diamond Dotz Starry Night (Van Gogh) Kit

Crystal Art Notebook The Little Mermaid

Diamond Dotz Panda Prince

Etsy also sells lots of diamond painting items

Large DP drill trays

Sticky Mat

Collapsible Funnel

Wonderland Cover Minders

I am sure this will keep you going for a while. I will be doing some designs for the Print On Demand sites, so you can have a bag/t shirt/spiral notebook/Post It notes/blanket etc with Diamond Painting designs. More links coming soon

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