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Good morning. I am awake, but definitely not very bright. Menopause seems to be making my fatigue even worse and I often want more sleep. My Menopause Specialist increased my HRT last week (as I had started having hot flushes at night again), so I blame it all on the hormones! The longer days are making me happier though, and I have started walking regularly again now that my foot pain is under control. Losing a bit of weight each week, which is brilliant.

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My crafty table has been used for some crafting, but not much. I am spending several hours per day getting my Diamond Painting log books and note books designed and published with Amazon. Several are in their approval process, and I have lots more in my head waiting to become reality.

I made a couple of birthday cards on Sunday (being my Future Friend, I now have a card ready for a birthday in April too). I used a Sizzix stamp/die set that I bought in a sale last year. A simple design, which I like. (Apologies for the terrible light in my craft room at this time of day in January.)

Here is a long view of my crafty table. All very tidy and organised, just like the rest of my craft room now. I just need to get the contents of the 2 old wardrobes decluttered and get a smaller cupboard, and then the room will be finished. There will be plenty of room to get my 3rd 6ft folding table up, so that my eldest granddaughter can craft with me (she is 8 today - where does the time go?).

You can see my Facebook bargain - a Silhouette Mint machine, which makes stamps. Wanted one for years, and very nearly bought one brand new, as they are generally around £60 now. However, then I saw one being sold on Facebook - £20 including postage. Hardly used. I have ordered a few different sizes of the stamp kits that you need for it from Amazon, and one arrived yesterday. Now I need some time to play with it.

No decisions made about the farm yet. We have both agreed that we really don't want to be taking on a lot of debt at our time of life, but also agree that the purchase of the land would prevent future problems and enable the business to grow. However, having a smaller herd and using our land in different ways could enable hubby to step away sooner, and our dream of owning property in Spain to be realised sooner rather than later. Stay tuned !

Time for breakfast now and then another book cover to be designed. If anyone loves Diamond Painting or wants to buy a gift for someone who does, I wrote a blog post with lots of useful links. Read it here.

Thanks for reading.

Ali x

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Updated: Mar 9

Diamond Painting can be a really simple and economical crafty hobby. Simply buy some inexpensive kits that include all the basic things you need, and just enjoy. However, as with most hobbies, you can also choose to buy additional tools, more expensive kits and other lovely random 'stuff'.

This blog post will help you to spend some money! Just remember to stay within your budget, always ask yourself whether you would buy a particular item again, make sure that you have a good purpose for it and don't already own something that can do the job just as well, and don't stockpile kits.

My Diamond Painting Logbooks (and matching notebooks), which are sold on Amazon, have a good list of useful websites (plus YouTube and Facebook for community, inspiration and more). I have them with a choice of covers, plus Hardback and a Deluxe Colour Edition will be available soon.

Click HERE to see my Author Page on Amazon.

Here are some products which I have personally used, plus some websites that sell really fab stuff. Lots of ideas for gifts if you have someone in your life who is already addicted to Diamond Painting or is just starting.

These are all affiliate links, so I will earn a small amount when you click through and purchase. You will never be charged any more for doing this, but it helps to support our household (and 10% goes to charity).

(Apologies now for the formatting of the Amazon links - they don't make it simple to get them into a tidy grid! I call it modern art!)

Craft Stash has a good range of kits and accessories

Diamond Dotz Ever Living Rainbow Kit

Diamond Dotz Starry Night (Van Gogh) Kit

Crystal Art Notebook The Little Mermaid

Diamond Dotz Panda Prince

Etsy also sells lots of diamond painting items

Large DP drill trays

Sticky Mat

Collapsible Funnel

Wonderland Cover Minders

I am sure this will keep you going for a while. I will be doing some designs for the Print On Demand sites, so you can have a bag/t shirt/spiral notebook/Post It notes/blanket etc with Diamond Painting designs. More links coming soon

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It is now afternoon in 'sometimes sunny' Pembrokeshire. I had an early morning appointment with my Menopause Specialist, which was in a health centre about 50 minutes drive away, followed by some shopping, dropping off donations at a charity and visiting the craft shop in Milford Haven (she is having a sale). Got home, had some lunch, watched a YouTube video on decluttering (an almost daily occurence now!), a bit of housework and now sitting down at my pc .... and breath.

I have stuff to show off this week, so decided that I should make the effort to type my WOYWW post (What is On Your Workdesk Wednesday). Click HERE if you would like to join in.

Firstly, I went to our monthly Craft Group at a local chapel last night. We did some napkin crafting - onto jars, wine bottles and plant pots. I used a really lovely napkin with leaves on it, and decorated a large jar to use in my craft room to put pens/brushes etc in. I want to make some coasters now - using some photos and napkins. Putting that on my list of projects to do this year.

I bought a nice bag of goodies from the Craft Shop in Milford Haven today, as she was having a sale. By the way, the group that run the posh Celtic Manor Hotel in South Wales are building a hotel on the Milford Haven Marina - perhaps we can get a group together one day, and do some crafting at the shop (I can get both of our fab crafting experts to do a project each). The railway station is very close by, and the marina has lots of lovely cafes etc. A thought I had !!

This is what I bought - a real mix of bargains.

I also received my order from Mike Deakin (him of YouTube fame) - and I will be advertising my crafty books on his website once they are finished (still researching the Diamond Painting Logbook and getting Top Tips etc written for it). He recently released a new art journal kit and is now doing videos on how to decorate it. I have made my own journals before, but only with paper/card, so this will be a nice new project for me.

Thank you for all the lovely comments and messages from last week. I am still struggling with cold symptoms and occasional headaches, and just so tired, but the brighter days do help. I am exercising more (daily walking, even if on my treadmill, and got a second hand JoyRide machine, which is not much like horseriding, but it is good exercise and I can watch YouTube whilst on it!) and lost a bit of the weight that is needed to go. My Menopause Specialist suggesting increasing my dosage of HRT now that it has been proven to be helping me - I started getting some hot flushes at night recently. With the farm, no big decisions made yet - there are a lot of changes happening anyway and we had our first calves born this week (so the crazy season starts for the next 2 months). By February we will have to decide on the land purchase or not. Farming is definitely not the easy lifestyle that many dream of. At least crafting is a good distraction.

Ali x

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