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Good morning from a damp and windy Pembrokeshire.

I had a busy crafty day yesterday. Firstly, our weekly Papercraft Group in Milford Marina. We nearly finished a very clever Envelope Memory Book. I just have the covers to finish, and then start to put some photos in it. This is created mainly from simple envelopes. Here are a few of the pages.

I then went out in the evening to the monthly Ladies Craft Group at a local chapel (in Bethlehem!). We did some 'Gold Leaf' crafting - decorating shells, for which I used silver sheets and a napkin. The knack to not getting the very delicate metallic sheets everywhere, is to regularly clean your fingers so you don't have glue on them. You also have to leave the glue for at least 20 minutes to get a tidy result. The other secret is not to sneeze/cough/or move suddenly anywhere near it! I struggled to get the sort of result that I like, but it was fun giving it a go. Next month we are starting on a crochet project, so wish me luck (I have never managed to master crochet).

I have started the Paint by Numbers kit. I didn't get far, as I started to watch some YouTube videos to see how to do it 'properly' (Melanie B's Creative Studio was particularly helpful). It seems that I need a white pen or some 'heavy body' white paint to cover the numbers on the canvas board, so I will go back and do that. I also learnt that I should check which is the darker colour where 2 or more areas border each other, and then use that colour to go over the lines. Otherwise, I really enjoyed my first start - and it is relaxing. Now I need to design myself a log book to record my PBN projects, and get it on Amazon.

In the coming week, I have a birthday card to make, I will finish off the Envelope Memory Book and do some more Paint by Numbers. Perhaps if I type it here, then I will get it all done?!

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Hope everyone is well. I am very tired at the moment, particularly in the mornings. For the first time in many years I am actually reluctant to wake up and feeling almost drugged until lunchtime. My HRT has recently been increased, so I think it is my body having to adjust to another change in hormones.

Ali x

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It is still morning here in Pembrokeshire, just about. I seem to be very tired and slow in the mornings now, so I don't rush myself. I have made a good start on all my 'jobs' and been for a walk, so now I can sit down for a while.

My crafty table has seen no crafting for a while. After watching the new Paint By Numbers show on Create & Craft last week (and ordering 2 of the smaller kits to try out), I bought a small kit from the craft shop. Typically, I haven't been able to start it yet - but it is sitting there patiently waiting. There is also a pile of some of my latest books (diamond painting logbooks and matching notebooks), which are for giveaways on Instagram/Facebook. I am starting to get sales already, which is very exciting.

After typing last week's post, I had a letter from Breast Test Wales in Swansea asking me to go in for further tests (I had my first mammogram in December). They weren't able to tell me any more details, but obviously my Anxiety was now working overtime. It was a difficult and stressful few days, with my IBS flared up and not able to eat a lot. We went and stayed in a hotel near to the centre on Sunday night, as the thought of getting up early on Monday and doing the 2 hour journey (and finding the centre, which is in the City Centre) was just too much for me. Various tests were done (not entirely pleasant, but ok), the surgeon examined me, and finally they decided to do an ultrasound to make sure there was nothing needing a biopsy. I was given the All Clear after nearly 3 hours there. What a relief. I go back onto the normal 3 yearly mammograms now.

I was still sore and tired yesterday, so didn't go to my usual Tuesday morning papercraft group.

I also had tentatively decided to work in the local craft shop in Haverfordwest very part-time (probably one day per week), but the increasing workload for the farm business (we have decided to buy additional land - and there is all sorts of financial/legal stuff to cope with) and wanting to focus on my Amazon KDP books, made me realise that I just haven't got enough hours in the week.

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Come back next week and I promise I will have at least started the Paint By Numbers!

Ali x

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Good morning from a trying-to-be-sunny Pembrokeshire.

This will be a shorter than usual post, as I really need to get on with editing books for Amazon (after a much-needed day off yesterday). Join in with the crafty workspace blog hop at Stamping Ground.

I am not showing my crafty table today, but you can see my granddaughter's table. Yes, she was 8 last week and I thought it was time for her to be able to join me in my craft room. There were several user errors on my part - letting her have ALL of the paints and a lot of brushes. Letting her use my expensive daylight/magnifying lamp. Giving her liquid glue. Yes, I know now that I need to remember that she is not an adult! I took all the brushes, paint palettes etc and got them washed after she had gone (and cleaned the paint off the lamp). Not got round to cleaning off the table cover (I was sensible enough to get that on there), or sorting out some storage for her 'stash' - but I have bought a glue stick for her. I had bought her an apron and smock, so no terrible accidents with paint on clothes, and the paint is 'washable'. I made a unicorn out of a kitchen roll tube whilst she painted various pieces of art. She took that home (and I hope her mum doesn't feel the need to keep everything).

Yesterday we were able to start craft workshops again down at the shop in Milford Marina. Lovely to see people again. We made a clever card with some interesting folds and details. Not as complicated as it looks, and I will be using that template again.

As it was a sunny day (as it often is in Milford!), I took a couple of photos of the marina - you can just see the fancy new hotel (which is due to open in April - you can prebook rooms now).

If anyone would like to spend some time crafting in Pembrokeshire, we are planning a whole day workshop soon (on a Tuesday) where we will be making a gorgeous box with 2 sections that will hold an album and some cards. We get the kit with all the MDF etc pre-cut, you just need to bring your choice of papers (or buy in the shop). It will be approx. 10 am to 4 pm.

Our tutor had very kindly made some fantastic boxes for each of us for Christmas. I wasn't at the workshops then (I hadn't felt comfortable about going to a group event), so she had kept mine for me. I have filmed a video, as you really need to see it being opened up.

Enjoy the rest of your week.

Ali xx

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