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This morning I had an email from CraftWorld with details of a new online beginners course they are hosting with Lou Collins. Share with anyone who might be interested in starting cardmaking, but I am sure it would be useful/fun for any crafter.

Click HERE.

I would definitely recommend joining the CraftWorld community for free - lots of friendly chat groups, competitions, freebies, tutorials, digital magazine and more.

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Updated: Sep 9, 2021

You will notice that I am on a new website. I have owned this domain for a while and decided that I needed to make use of it, but avoiding Wordpress! I have used Wix a few times in the past, and here I am again. It is relatively simple to set up a website with Wix and there is lots of potential for me to change/grow in the coming months. (Wordpress took up far too much time and I had issues with lots of nasty spam comments. Hopefully I can block those on here.)

I didn't blog last week due to having 2 of our grandchildren staying for 3 nights. That was exhausting! They are in the rental house we bought in Haverfordwest now, and gradually getting the decorating finished/rooms sorted.

I have had some crafty time this week though. I started going to a new papercraft group yesterday (it will be every Tuesday - either just the morning, or all day when we want to do more complicated projects) and made my first Christmas card for this year. The group is mostly complete beginners, so nice simple projects to start with - and we will gradually go through different techniques in the coming months.

On the way home, I stopped at one of our larger charity shops (which has a craft table) and bought these. I have a quilling workshop on Saturday (a craft I actually have never tried), so was excited to find the quilling set. The photo cube will be a useful addition to my craft room for displaying some photos.

I also bought a 'small wheelie suitcase' for £4. Plain black, but with lots of pockets and will be perfect for taking my crafty stash to workshops in wet weather (I have to walk from the car to either of the shops that host the workshops). I will customise it to make it more 'pretty'. I used to have the more expensive versions from Crafters Companion and Everything Mary. They were fantastic, but I am all about saving money where I can at the moment.

This week is proving to be very busy with crafty social occasions, with a full day with the Scrapbooking group on Friday to look forward to. I am slowly getting caught up with laundry and ironing this week (after 3 weeks of increased symptoms/pain, family staying, sorting out the rental house and then being away last weekend), but then will be getting the craft room reorganisation finished. It is currently full of stuff that can mostly go elsewhere or off to the charity shop.

Lots of photos next week!

This new website is very much an ongoing project. I hope that you will be able to leave comments this week, but apologies in advance if I haven't worked that out today.

Ali x

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